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restless day break of tension memories.

what does it mean to know what to do?

what does it mean to want to be alive?

what does it mean to consent to being alive?


if only there could be true understanding.

then forgiveness and peace would be easy.

and harmony and co-operation would follow.

and that should be what we learn in school.


hippos shuffle their midnight bodies

through the stars of questions.

they are not in the past or future.

but it feels like past and future

is all there is.



many fires by the water lined along the shore

camping sounds and stories and songs

ancient rhythm of the waves––

when the tide rolls in the fires will wash away.


swans drifing on the pond

water so still like a mirror   every swan

looks like two swans   one right side up

and the other upside down    so many swans


falling to the ground now and then a meteor

or piece of space ice   caught by earth

bringing some small change to the planet––

space so large we can’t imagine our place.




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