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I jump from a skyscaper into the ocean

dive down into the deep blue sea

where the fish are colorful and lively

and everything is quiet and serene


gentle rhythm of wavy drifting

as the anemonies and other things dance

and ripples on the floor of the ocean

like small imitations of the waves above.


swimming with the whales they are

so giant and strong and graceful


lazy lolling and calling in their eerie songs

moving here and there maybe going somewhere


maybe just moving around and now and then

back to the surface for some


air  and back down down deep

where pressure builds and light gets thin


then back up again sometimes leaping

up through the surface almost completely


out of the water like flying for

a second  or two  before


diving back in and eating more plankton . . .

big whales so graceful like ballerinas


in smooth slow motion moving faster

than you can imagine or dream.


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