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no comment

(eye). (eye).

how can we see,

that we don’t see,

what we don’t know

is there?

crow stopped…

no comment

Crow stopped at nothing
it seemed as good a place as any and a better place than most
nothing had a certain quality
a kind of texture
compared to most things
it was somewhat consistent
not a lot happened there
that was the point
and it was easy
to find a place to park
some people said
nothing comes from nothing
and crow
in his usual fashion
found this to be true
and also not true
nothing good comes from nothing they say
but nothing bad comes from nothing too
and nothing bad is something good indeed
after all
the opposite of pain…
is it pleasure
or is it absence of pain
because the opposite of love
is not hate
it is indifference
but nothing
is so far beyond indifference
that it looks
more like


no comment


are continuations really, but in a new direction . . .

some people think the uninverse began with a big bang

(maybe it did)…. and if that is true, everything, everything that happens

is a continuation and expansion of that original gesture…

but maybe it started some other way…

maybe it had no beginning.

we ponder when such and such began, when it might end.

when did world war 2 begin, when did it end?

probably seemed like it would last forever,

and now, where is it? gone.

i want to make a new beginning.

i want to end something.

i want to turn left .  or i want to turn right .  or

i think this is new. brand new. a brand new start.

stumbling. mumbling. i began this. and i’m coming to the end.

language is useful, even if it isn’t accurate, even if it isn’t close,

it is a general idea…. it is a sort of highway everyone can walk on.

the word, beginning, if you take it all apart, is meaningless,

but to assert or claim it is meaningless is just a lot of noise and hot air.

it’s both. it doesn’t really matter.  if i tell you i am beginning something,

you know what i mean.  even if i don’t have a clue.




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