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october mood

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october mood . how many bubbles exploding on this sleepy day expanding

chilly and grey (a real october) / and the surface of things is reflection

it goes back /  it goes behind / it goes forward

into unknown crevices and surprises /

sometimes like a lightbulb / it is gone all at once /

meloncholy ambulance of thought careening down a rain soaked street (in the middle of night a weary passenger in the back  (on oxygen)  (passed out) then fading in (then passed out))

eyelids like translucent curtains of blood (barely separating inner from outer)

behind the screen / backstage / busy people wonder how to finish the show /

the lead player fainted / in the middle of act one /

––in the audience / a jittery impatience / while thoughts of a wasted evening / (and a monetary refund) / and their own mortality invades them.

route 66. santa rosa, new mexico. october 2013

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rte 66 shadow


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horse was evaporating in the middle of the sun.

horse was thirsty, and missed running over the hills,

then going full gallop over the flatland.

horse was remembering,

or trying to––he felt the rain like a prayer.

horse was daydreaming (still evaporating),

a metallic mosquito bit his neck, but instead of

drawing out his blood, it poured something into him . . .

and then horse was galloping into the center of the sun,

feeling the fire wash him of his pain, running into the center

of white-hot heat, where he went supernova

and was finally himself.

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beautiful vanishing ghost of memory horizon sunlight fading to red then dark

beauty of wave tension crest yearning finally breaks down the whitewater roaring

like rhinocerous charging at a semi-truck on a two lane highway outside of Dodge

City. (not a lot of beauty in Dodge City… which is a good reason to get the hell

out of Dodge). Beauty thunderous whispering inside ear turn toward fire light see

something like epiphany or salvation like the memory of where you really are.




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