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Spaceman.Dada.Robot (words)

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It’s about Time for takeoff.

About time to hit the sky.

Set it all on fire.

Time to wave good-bye.

get your DNA untied,

open your mind astro wide.


(Escape the final gravity phase

drop the harmonic friction

introduce the radioactive rundown

simple   just try. . . )


When are you gonna take off,

or are you already fly.


About time for take off.

Lose all control.

Lightning bolt of love

falling from the burning sky.

It takes courage to go up in flame.

Reach the zenith.     Climb to the apex.

Open to the cosmic mind.


(Check the hyperdrive vibration

engage the anti-matter paradigm. . .)


Aim for the sky

travel to the edge of the speed of light.

Is there more than one universe?

Is the past real?


(The climax of reason could be losing all ability to think.

The climax of feeling could be the absence of emotion. . .)


Stars burn.

An infinity of nuclear flames.



Random particles left over

from exploding supernovas.

That’s all      we are.


Time for takeoff,

time to kiss the sky,

lay down a little fire. . .


Time to start the count down.

Flip the Zippo switch. . .

Spin the the ignition wheel. . .


c o u n t d o w n

10  9  8   7  6  5  4  3  2  1


BLASTOFF. . . . .


We are space born.

We are floating through space. . . .


Space Travel


It gets you out of the house.

Space travel.  It gets you out of this world.

Space travel.  It might even get you out of your brain.


recreate yourself

recreate yourself endlessly


Space travel      watch the planets go by.


I am many persons separating from the persons I am

each going to a separate universe  in each instant

to a separate destiny.


recreate yourself endlessly

recreate yourself endlessly endlessy


The earth is spinning at 1,000 miles per hour,

and the earth is orbiting the sun at 70,000 mph.


The Milky Way is spinning around like a vinyl record at

500,000 mph and hurtling through space at 700,000 mph


Our present total speed is about 1,200,000 mph.


recreate yourself  endlessly

recreate yourself endlessly  endlessly

go swim in the endless sea


Space travel

move through time and space.


Maybe our universe is contained

in one seed

on a giant dandelion

in an immense field of giant dandelions,

on some other planet

in some other universe.


recreate yourself  endlessly

recreate yourself endlessly


recreate yourself endlessly

recreate yourself endlessly


go swim in the endless sea.


By the end of the show tonight

you will have traveled

about 2 million miles.


Mas o Menos.



We are all cosmonaut gypsies.




Somewhere at the edge of the galaxy

there’s a big ol’ whale

made of black diamonds

and blue diamonds

red pearls . . . sapphires. . .

swimming around and around

that’s why the galaxy swirls

it swims around  and around  and around

making a kind of whirlpool of stars


Great big space whale

we were out looking for it

it swims from galaxy to galaxy

gets them all spinning around

it loves what it’s doing


There are other space whales out there

they meet up now and then

go into a space whale frenzy

a big mating dance sorta thing

set off some super novas

swim around the star clusters


Sometimes they crash two galaxies into each other

then go to the star hatcheries

where all the stars are being born


Give birth to their little baby space whales

and the baby space whales grow up and

spin a galaxy all their own


Big ol’ space whale out there

spinning around

We went out looking for it


Wanted to hear what it said

wanted to hear it sing its song

wanted to watch the stars

blow out if its blow hole

wanted to find its skeleton

wanted to see it glow

wanted to ride on that

whale like a bucking bronco


Some kind of space whale out there

it’s why everything spins around     spinning around

it’s why we’re all just spinning around

around and around.

Space Walking


Let’s go on a space walk… you ever walk in space?

did you ever light a cigarette in zero g?

lose your  gra-vi-ty


man, micheal jackson ain’t got nothin’ on you

when you are out in weightlessness


space walking     with your dog astro.


I’ve got the rhinestone helmet.

i’ve got the glitteriest gloves around.

I go to the space place down at the Domain

and get the special flavored oxygen.

Do you like the vanilla flavored oxygen or

the strawberry flavored oxygen, personally I prefer

the gin flavored oxygen (shaken, not stirred).


I’ve got the mink lining in my space suit.

It feels good on my body when I’m spinning

around and around.

I’ve got the diamond studded cowboy boots,

they stay just like brand new out in zero g,

it’s where I want to be.


Did you ever see the sunrise on another planet?

Ever been on a planet with more than one moon?



Did you know that Venus is the only planet

that spins clockwise?


One million earths could fit inside the sun.

Did you know the moon used to be part of the earth?

Saturn could float in a glass of water.

One day on Mercury lasts two years.


All the molecules out in space are about 4 inches apart.

Planet with volcano diamonds landing on black tar

If you counted every star in the Milky Way,

one second at a time, it would take 3,000 years

to count them all.


Buzz Aldrin was the second man on the moon.

His mother’s maiden name was Marion Moon,

he was a moon child.


Did you know the first woman in space was

a Russian named Valentina Tereshkova?

She had stars in her eyes.


Oh baby, start the space Ferrari

let’s get weightless and have dinner on Solari.

Let’s get off this planet with the poison gasses

I don’t like wearing all these oxygen masks.


The space map is so pretty

all the diamonds and jet black ink.


Inner space. outer space. It’s all the same place.

All these little molecules with brains attached.


throw out all your habits.

everything is new out there

it’s a vacuum.

it’s infinite.

it ain’t never gonna wear you out.





One robot created another robot,

and the robot that got created

called the other robot Daddy,

or Mommy, it was all the same to him,

or her.


The brand new robot lifted it’s face to the sky,

felt a drop of rain and in that instant realized it was one with all things.


The clouds drifted away and it saw 100 billion galaxies

each containing 200 billion stars and it said

Hey Daddy,  What is this place?

What did I look like before I got here?  Where was I?

What’s all this stuff doing here?

What’s going on?  How come I want things?

Why can’t I see the future?

Does the future already exist?


The Robot daddy said,

I’d love to give you something, but what would help?


The brand new robot said,

What made you make me?

Who designed you?

What do you get from all this?


I want to go swimming.   I want to have some fun

I  want to enjoy being here,  you know,  in the moment,

love everything,   everyone,    be at peace,    you know,

Can I do that, daddy?        Can you program me for that?

Put in a new chip?  Run the program back…


It wouldn’t hurt anything      if I had no fear.

It would be o.k. if I could let it be.

Open it up     Open it out.

it’s all here,  it’s all now….


(Mother Mother, there’s too many of you crying

Brother, brother brother,

There’s far too many of you dying

You know we’ve got to find a way

to bring some lovin’ here today…..).



and say thank you to Marvin Gaye



Martian Fantasy   Fantasy   Fantasy   Fantasy . . .


When the Martians land they will be carrying bread and cheese and wine

to have a picnic here, and when they leave they will take me with them,

and I’ll try to teach them the concept of living in the moment.

And they’ll ask, which moment?       There’s only one moment, man.


The night sky will look stunning from their magical spaceship,

all my worries will dissolve without a trace––

the tension in my muscles evaporate––and I will fall to the floor

in spasms of laughter.


The Martians will be  concerned,  having never seen laughter before,

but I will assure them I am fine. . . and after some hi-jinx and practical jokes,

will gradually teach the Martians how to laugh.   Which is funny,

because they are always laughing,   their eyes always twinkling

like stars in the day.   And they’ll say, oh, yeah, like

laughing out loud, right?    ha ha.


The thing about Martians is that every last one of them will look like a healthy, intelligent, fully evolved human being, very beautiful….

I will wonder if the Martians are altering my perception to make me think they are beautiful, when they are actually six legged, hairy, toad-like creatures––but, I will be assured––through various secret spy missions and rendezvous––that this is not the case.


Mars will be otherworldly, of course.   They will let me take pictures

anywhere I want––the pictures will be amazing––I’ll  send them back to earth,  and everyone will want to know where I am, and if I altered them using Photoshop,  and I’ll say no, it was Kodachrome.


The Martians will really like me.  They will want to entertain me,

take me parties and art galleries.   They’ll publish and exhibit all my work.


They’ll be so curious and interested,

and they’ll want me to be comfortable

and happy. . . delighted. . . and evolving all the time.

And I’ll really want to be a good guy

and do good stuff and. . . . . . .

it really just gets better and better

from there.




Spaceman was looking everywhere for the woman of his dreams,

Starwoman,   who was lost in the vortex of time.


Spaceman was sent out to find a new planet, ever since time

quit being linear.


Spaceman wanted to get somewhere, but he only really wanted

to get to where he was.


He had a little drinking problem.

He liked the cigarettes.

Had a bit of a sweet tooth.

He liked the Chicklettes.


Head a little vacant. Space empty full of room.

Didn’t know whether to cram more stuff in it,

or let it out of the vacuum into the dark and empty gloom,

just keep letting it go.


Spaceman felt the pressure building,

he knew he’d lived this moment infinite times,

taken that shot of whiskey,   lit that cigarette,

every possible universe splitting and combining

each time

with infinite variations.


Ned Speed ground the camel non-filter beneath the heel of his jet black  Beatle boot,   exhaling a cumulous cloud of smoke.


All he wanted was to swallow the sun

light himself from within, burn all the rest of it down.

Go ahead, be a clown. Be a clown for love.

Be a clown like a sweet white dove.

Be a Spaceman.


Little Billy Robot


Little Billy Robot loved little Betty Blue.

He thought about her all the time

he just didn’t know what to do.


Stuck in a little spaceship

way out in the dark beyond

thought if they got to some planet

maybe he could show her around.


One day he made her roses

brought them to the table.

She just laughed at him,

she said you’re just a robot

you’re not even able

to feel the touch of my hand.


He said, But I feel it, I feel it.

I process it different.  But, it lights me up

It gives me a charge  I think about you all the time

you’re on a feedback loop

all my circuits get dizzy when you’re around

c’mon Betty   gimme a little smile.


Betty Blue though,

she liked Captain Johnny. He was

so good at the controls,

always had it going on.

Reading his maps,

studying his charts,

taking his little space naps,

but he didn’t notice her

he didn’t care,

he had her running around

doing him favors   treating her

like she wasn’t even there.


Billy Robot didn’t understand it

said what’s he got that I ain’t

some stupid little heartbeat

and a brain that is mostly blank

what’s he got that I ain’t got

that makes Betty lose her sleep.


Robot Billy couldn’t take it no more

he opened the spaceship door

sent Captain Johnnhy out for a long spacewalk

bye bye Captain Johnny


Little Betty Blue was in tears

at least for about two months

and they they found a sweet little planet

with a medium sized sun

some fine oceans

a lot of beaches

and even this little resort

that serve Pina Coladas

and they settled down.


Betty saw what Robot Billy could do

she could feel his soul through and through

they lived happily ever after,

she was a robot too.


Feedback Loop


Lost in a feedback loop

It’s happening again

I think it’s all over

and then it begins


pour me a scotch

fix me a gin

make it a double

gotta make it spin.


bourbon on ice

give it to me straight

make it a triple

got no time to waste


set ‘em up joe

gimme a smoke

light me on fire

I’m going for broke


They’re sending me to outer space

They’re sending me to outer space

they’re sending me to outer space tomorrow


maybe to a black hole

maybe who knows where

ain’t no kind of cell phone

gonna find me out there


send me on a space walk

bring in the clowns

when I get off this planet

I ain’t ever coming down


pour me a Stinger

a shot and a beer

just keep ‘em coming

until I can’t feel the fear


manhatten   gimlet   mint julep

atom smasher

fuzzy navel   grasshopper  pink lady

brandy alexander

rusty nail


they’re sending me to outer space

ain’t never coming back

they’re sending me to outer space tomorrow

they’re sending me to outer space

ain’t never coming back

they’re sending me to outer space tomorrow


set ‘em up for everybody

buy another round

I got no use for my paycheck

‘cept to bring the house down


gonna spread my atoms

to the great beyond

fly my ship straight

into the sun


They’re sending me to outer space

ain’t never coming back

They’re sending me to outer space

you wanna come along?

they’re sending me to outer space tomorrow


Lost in a feedback loop

It’s happening again

I think it’s all over

and then it begins





she said i was a robot

just another joy-bot

her little boy toy bot


at least i wasn’t store bought

I was home made.


i may be a robot but i got a lot of heart…and a brain

full of synapse gaps


i can entertain you

but i can’t explain you

i can hang with you

but i can’t go down the drain with you


she says         you’re a robot

he says           you’re a robot too

ha ha ha


gimme  gimme   gimme   gimme    i’m a robot

named gimme     gimme more     gimme a little bit more

gimme a little bit more      gimme a whole lot more


gimme me some norepnephrine in my syanapse gap,

gimme some acetilecholine.

gimme some dopamine baby


all the space in the world  in the synapse gap


this voice connected to that twitch

this itch connected to that look

this foot tap  nose pick  head scratch

what did you say again


first time i saw you my synapse gap was flooded with endorphins

and the pinball machine was ringing like mad


i’m a robot in need             i’m a robot off my leash

i can’t get enough of your sweet sweet stuff

i’m a robot for your love baby  a robot for your love

i’m just a lovebot


plug me in             i’m solar charged      take me outside

i wanna get all fired up


you make me feel so electric    and eclectic      and existentialic

and nihilisticic    and spiritualic        and i’m alive


better than pinnochio      I’m alive

I got a lightbulb on the top of my head

no way I’m ever gonna be dead


cause I’m a robot

all you gotta do is plug me in

let me live



Space Hobo


Looking for a home planet

Used to have a home planet

Little blue marble  spinning around the sun

That’s where they say all of this stuff came from


We’re all lost out here

All lost in space

Traveling around these dimensions

trying to find another place

to call home


Used to have a home planet

a place to call home

a place to rest out heads

a place we were from

everything we’re made of

is made of that too

we had the same vibration… we were all in tune


drifting on the train tracks

of unreality

spinning around   intricate loops

mobius strips

looking for a place

to take off the mask

set the ship down

go for a swim




looking for a home planet

a place to call home

there’s this place we used to be from…


I’m a space hobo

I roam the universe

don’t know where I am

what does it matter

look at all the stars

spin around all the galaxies

which way is far


from home


is there anyplace called home

I’m a hobo


drifting through time  drifting through space

just want to land the space craft

just want to take a break


let’s put the space ship down

let’s land somewhere

and call it home


set it down

say this is home

welcome home


Robot Party

It’s a robot party at the memory bank

robot party down at the think tank

robot party up in your head

robot party gonna wake the dead

underground robot party get down. get down.


they come shiny  they talk smack

they come lit up

they get each other out of whack

They come punky  they come broke

they come stumbling   always wanna bum a smoke

they hit the ground

they spin around    they get down


they’re a lively bunch

they can go way past lunch

go all day into the next

more fun than a T-Rex

all day all night all month


robot party down at the bank

watch your balance  it might tank

they’re taking your money

they’re thinking your thoughts

they took your house

they bought what they want

you got nothing left

they got your information


they got everything you own

they got everything you are

they don’t care about any of it

just want to go to another bar

have a little fun

throw it all around get down  get down


it’s a robot party in the ultra-zone

robot party on the latest phone

robot party out back in the shed

robot party they’re inside your head

they get around

they shut it down

they get down they get down


They evolve themselves with a feedback loop

get more thrills than Betty Boop

boop boop de boop


robot party and they all get down

robot party and they spin each other all around

robot party and they’re outta control

robot party and they never go home


It’s a robot party at the memory bank

robot party down at the think tank

robot party up in your head

robot party gonna wake the dead

underground robot party get down.

get down.




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